College Football Betting – Trends and Rivalry Games


In college they have trends and in the pros they have trends. If a staff is

1-11 against the spread (ATS) on the first Saturday in October, most of the time that trend holds true. The chilling part is that there are trends on anything and every thing! First Saturdays, last Saturdays, morning games, night games, afternoon games, temperature trends, color trends, if the quarterback or running back had so many yards the game before trends, you name it, they have a trend for this. . .and the actual scary part is a great deal of times they hold true. At the college ranks, studying the trends can be just a great way to gamble.

Rivalry games play a enormous part in a spot spread. A lot of times the teams will be of equal talent and other times one team is really good and the opposite is pretty crappy. However, whether it’s a competition game, the purpose spreads usually are pretty low no matter how bad or good the teams are. A fast example: In 1996, when Jake”The Snake” Plummer was playing with Arizona State and experienced great team, they played their rival Arizona at Arizona. At the time, Arizona State was ranked in the top 3 while Arizona was struggling to win 5 matches.

I was figuring the purpose spread to take the minus 20’s for Arizona State. My mouth dropped when I saw the opening line: Arizona State -7. I thought to myself who can not be right in fact it had been. I thought to myself, actually being alumni of this University of Arizona, this was a no brainer bet, Arizona State all how. Arizona State had a chance to be National Champs as well as though Arizona was their rival it needs to be a blowout. For the first halfof it was a close game; I honestly believe it had been tied at half time. But at the end Arizona St. did dismiss off them 56-14.

Aminus 7-point spread only shows how big a rivalry game is to a spot spread. When you have a look at the rest of the matches in that series because 1996 match, perhaps not 1 match is decided by over 10 points! Rivalry games usually stay rather close. Look at Florida/Tennessee, those matches usually are real close and people purpose spreads are just too close. Be careful with rivalry games, although a team is much better than the other, doesn’t mean a without a doubt victory.

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